Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Why Lake District Walks Should Be Car Free and example Lake District walks

I think out of all of the walks in the UK my favourite are Lake District walks. In my view this is the best part of the UK if it is not wet.

However there is a problem in this area. The problem is that to travel to the start of Lake District walks you need to get the car out. In the Lake District there are many traffic problems (highlighted below) to get to when you are visiting Lake District walks. In addition it is not great polluting the environment by using your car.

So why not go on a lake district walk that does not need the car. Why not arrive at your lake district walks car free?

So some advantages of arriving at your walk - car free!

• Use local transport which is great for the lake district area as a whole in terms of revenue for the area and keeping it well managed.

• Also if you are not using a car you will help to reduce the congestion around the lake district area. As the lake district area is so small congestion is a big problem.

• You will reduce carbon emissions by not taking your car on Lake District Walks

• What happens is that people park in the car parks at the start of famous walks. Let me tell you these car parks are quite expensive especially if you are hiking for the day. By not taking the car you can start your walk away from car parks and therefore spread the walking congestion around the area and save money in your pocket.

Here are 2 of the top Lake District walks that are car free

Lowland walk: A Walk to Easedale Tarn
This is a very nice short walk and starts at the lovely village of Grasmere where William Wordsworth lived. This is one of the lovely Lake District walks which routes you past a waterfall to end at Easdale Tarn. This is where you can have a picnic – very nice and very car free.

Mountain walk: A walk from Ambleside to Fairfield Horseshoe
This is one of the Lake District walks that starts at Ambleside which is at the top of Lake Windermere. From Ambleside you start to climb and routes you around Fairfield Fell and around the Lake District walk fells. There are really great views around Lake Windermere and the surrounding mountains.

Another very popular area is Ullswater. The lake is 7 miles long with a number of lowland and highland Lake District walks that are around the Helvellyn mountain range. You could make a holiday in this area and there are local buses that route up and down the lake. Some of these walks include boat journeys. The links in this article link back to these great lake District Walks.

So as they say "forget the strain take the train" or bus or even bike. I hope you enjoy and are proud to progress to many car free Lake District walks. This helps solves the problem of traffic and you will feel you have done your bit for the environment.

So have a great set of Lake District Walks – car free!

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