Wednesday, 8 September 2010

What to Wear When You Are Outdoor Hiking - From the Top Down

Well its great to go on an outdoor hiking experience. However like anything worthwhile there are problems to overcome. The problem I have seen many times is that people that are going on an outdoor hiking experience for the first time, do not wear the correct clothes. Or they just don’t know what to wear.

Wearing the right clothes does not mean you have to get the credit card out again every single time. However it is important for safety reasons and for comfort reasons for wearing the correct outdoor hiking gear. You just need to follow some simple steps. So I have out together something that I wish I had for the first time and I believe will be useful – what to wear on an outdoor hiking experience from the top down.

1. The top - your head. A lot of your body heat is lost through your head so wear a thick woolly hat to keep you warm.

2. Your torso. People believe they need a nice thick jumper when you are outdoor hiking. This is not the best idea. To insulate from the cold you need to wear a number of thin layers of tops. The reason for this is that you can have some form of heat control (take off or put on layers until you are at the right temperature).

Also and more importantly the air between the thin layers will act as a heat insulator and will keep you warmer when you are outdoor hiking. In summary a number of thin layers is better than 1 thick jumper.

3. Your trousers. Need to be light and strong and also need to be non absorbent in case they get wet from the rain or falling in a stream (not Corduroys or Jeans). I always wear army greens as they are very strong, dry very quickly and are light. In addition army greens have many pockets and handy to keep the small essential items when you are outdoor hiking. So look out for these at the camping stores. However jogging bottoms should be OK.

4. The bottom - your feet, most important. Of course you need good hiking boots but also 2 pairs of socks, one thick pair and one thin pair. This will help stop blisters as the socks rub together and not your skin. The thin pair should be worn first.

Of course make sure you have the right waterproof gear. So you need a waterproof top, trousers and gaiters for your feet. Also make sure this is very handy for the sudden downpour – not at the bottom of your rucksack when outdoor hiking

Finally when you are outdoor hiking make sure you have at least one change of extra clothing. If you are outdoor hiking for 2 days take clothes for 3 days and so on. You absolutely never know what Mother Nature has in store for you especially on the mountains which attracts the rain very easily and quickly

….. and - have a great outdoor hiking adventure.

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