Wednesday, 22 September 2010

4 major points to consider when buying women's rucksacks

We all love hiking and rambling and getting out in the fresh air and getting amongst the countryside and of course It does not matter if you are a man or women. However whether you are a man or a woman we all need the same type of gear but there is a problem that can be gender based. Are their different types of gear required?

In particular are there different types of rucksacks required between a women and a man? If so what is the reason and in particular (in the case of a rucksack) what do women need to consider when purchasing woman's rucksacks. This is the particular question I will cover for Women’s rucksacks

I have heard some people say that Women buy more than men and therefore all women's products including women's rucksacks are geared toward a woman's market. I am not sure I agree and believe that Women’s rucksacks are needed for physical reasons and are different from men's rucksacks. It’s a matter of opinion. There are no catwalks in the mountains!

So here are differences and the areas to look for when buying Women’s rucksacks.

1. The shoulder straps are actually on narrower Women’s rucksacks to ensure a comfortable fit however are curved to allow for the bust area.

2. Women’s rucksacks are built with a wider waist belt. Getting a little technical - the waist belt should ideally have a conical shape to it. This conical form is achieved by angling the belt diagonally upwards and by curving the waist belt wings. You can get Women’s rucksacks that contain a frontal adjuster system. This will simplify the waist fitting procedure and will add some value.

3. The rucksack frame is shorter on a Women’s rucksacks than a man's. When choosing a rucksack (for anybody) I suggest going to a recommended hiking and rambling shop and getting yourself measured for the right women’s rucksack.

4. The back of the women’s rucksack are generally shorter. Although just because Women’s rucksacks are shorter this does not mean a women has to buy this type of rucksack. Some Women have longer backs and should look at a obtaining a man's rucksack for best fitting. It really is a personal thing

So there are the main four points which is not clear cut but a good way forward. A man could buy a man's rucksack and a woman could buy a women's rucksack and both could report uncomfort. They could swap and everything could fit nicely. There is no sure thing. However the above main 4 points are the points to consider when buying Women’s rucksacks.

So I hope you buy the right rucksack whatever your gender. More importantly hope you have a really great hike and ramble wherever this may be

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