Saturday, 4 September 2010

Some Really Lovely Ullswater Walks in the Lake District, UK

The Lake District in the UK really has some great walks. I go there quite regularly as it has some great views and super scenery. Lots of hikers and ramblers climb the highest mountains. However some people get just as much enjoyment from a nice leisurely walk in some more lowland areas. Some great lowland walks are Ullswater walks. These are nice walks which have the Ullswater Lake and the Helvellyn mountain range for super scenery

Now a bit about Ullswater to show why is offer great Ullswater walks. Ullswater Lake is the second largest lake in the Lake District with the first being of course Lake Windermere. Ullswater Lake and can offer some lovely lowland walks. So why not stay around Ullswater and I have provided 6 of the best Ullswater walks listed below.

1. Glenridding to Howtown.
In my view the top lowland Ullswater walk as its the most beautiful of the Ullswater walks with stunning views of the Ullswater Valley and Helvellyn range. It is 7 miles long and will take you about 3-4 hours to complete. This particular Ullswater walk has a wavy path and is a bit hilly but is a nice one to do. I would say the difficulty is moderate to easy. Have a go!

2. Aira force circular walk
This is a short walk and was actually developed in Victorian times. This walk quite woody and leads to a wonderful waterfall. This is the sort of place you can walk for a picnic at lunchtime. This is a walk to take your mum as its only 1 mile long and only takes an hour. Nice and easy.

3. Howtown to Pooley bridge Walk
This has great views across the Ullswater lake and is moderately easy but a longer 6 miles long and will take you 3 hours to complete – again taking it nice and easy. Some parts are a little more uphill and you need to watch out for boggy areas so take some good hiking or waterproof boots. One of the nicer Ullswater Walks

4. Lantys Tarn circular walk
This again is a nice short walk with great views of the Ullswater Valley. It is a 3 mile easy walk taking 1-2 hours. Also this one includes a boat trip which is an added extra in my book!

5. Hallin Fell Circular Walk
This one is very similar in format to Lantys Tarn. This one is a very nice rewarding walk with great Ullswater Lake views and is 3 miles long with a 2 hour timeline. This may take a little longer if you want to climb and visit the local churches.

6. Howtown to Glenridding
This is another lovely walk with great views of the Ullswater Valley and Helvellyn range. This is 7 miles taking roughly 4 hours in total. This walk has up and down hill stretches and some slightly rocky parts – again walking boots recommended on this one.

So some lovely gentle Ullswater walks. You can easily search them on the Internet for the finer details of parking and step by step routes etc. So why not travel to the Lake District, head over to Ullswater and enjoy some lovely Ullswater Walks.

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