Saturday, 4 September 2010

5 Great Ways To Avoid Blisters On Ramblers Holidays

You can really do some great hiking on ramblers holidays. You know the positive points are that it is great you feel the sun on your cheek, out of the city you can feel the fresh air flowing through your lungs, you can see the wonderful scenery.

Trouble is your feet are aching like mad because of a painful horrid blister. Blisters that help spoil ramblers holidays!

OK so the good news is that this can and should be avoided. You can actually enjoy ramblers holidays and hike for miles without that blister problem by following a few simple steps.

The first thing to remember is the importance of your footwear - walking boots and socks. If you are going to spend lots of cash make sure that you have the quality walking boots and socks you can take away on ramblers holidays. I may sound like an old man but modern day hiking boots and socks are much better quality than they were some 10-20 years ago due to the modern advances – I am impressed.
However if you have read my articles before you will know that I advise that it is not always wise to buy directly on-line. You need to go to a store and ask for really expert advice and even try your hiking gear (boots and socks) on so you can make sure your boots and socks are comfortable and fit well. All good preparation for ramblers holidays

The second point is not to wear brand new hiking boots before you go on ramblers holidays. Your new walking boots will need to mould to your foot. The best way that you can do this is to wear your walking boots a number of times before going on ramblers holidays. This way your feet will be a great mould for your walking boots and therefore help restrict movement in the boot and prevent blisters on ramblers holidays.

The third point is that you must look after your feet whilst you are hiking with ramblers holidays. When I first started hiking I made it a rule not to look at my feet. Very wrong. Make sure your feet are dry and have sufficient some air. You know when a blister is about to form when you feel a slight pain or irritation when you are walking on ramblers holidays. The best thing here is to tell your team you need a stop and give your feet some air by removing your hiking boots for a minute or two. So don’t by shy. Other people will be doing the same.

The fourth point is don’t get your feet wet. Thick socks will keep your feet wet and after a while you will have a blister. You can buy some hiking gaiters. These are great and will keep you feet dry.
The fifth point is wear 2 pairs of socks that will rub together when walking rather than your bare feet. One pair should be thin and be worn first. The second should be thick and should be your outer hiking sock on Ramblers Holidays

So enjoy your hike. Enjoy each element. However avoid any blisters and have a fantastic hike during ramblers holidays.

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