Thursday, 9 September 2010

Camping stores: there are other – cheaper places to get camping gear

When a child walks into a sweet shop or toy shop you know that they could easily spend your cash. The same thing is for me when I walk into camping stores. I could literally end up buying the store and get carried away and maybe buying stuff that is not needed!

You do however need the right gear whether it be hiking or camping. Whilst hiking or camping is not really an expensive pastime compared to others, it is very easy to get excited and spend many dollars in camping stores buying all sorts of items. Of course you will be paying the top prices in general and therefore this of course can be a problem.

There are a number of ways you can get cheaper deals other than camping stores.
Firstly consider department stores selling camping equipment at the end of the season. They market their goods on a season by season basis. Therefore at the end of the summer season they will be focused on summer stock clearances to make way for the new season gear. This therefore presents opportunities for deals on camping gear working out cheaper than camping stores. So may be some good opportunities here.

There is then the obvious option of buying hiking and camping gear online as it will be cheaper, however you need to be careful. There are some gear that you need will need to try on and get expert advice I will say should be avoided on the internet unless you know exactly what you are buying. Especially items like rucksacks and in particular hiking boots I would never buy online. The process of choosing these items is a whole separate subject however I strongly suggest you buy these items from camping stores where you can get the best personal advice of which is the best for you. Buying all other item types online is great.

There are also options where you can borrow such as a tent or stove. Other equipment you can even hire if you are not going to be hiking or camping again. Some people have a bit of fun and hold private parties for camping gear instead of buying from camping stores. These options may not be the common ways of buying camping gear but certainly cheaper than camping stores.

So in summary you just need a bit of sense when buying camping gear. Some items you need to buy from camping stores however you can reduce the cost by simply using other methods mentioned in this article – so go out and get some cheaper stuff!

I hope this has been useful so have a great hike or camp whether you are buying from camping stores or finding the cheaper ways

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