Friday, 3 September 2010

Hiking USA - The Best Hikes in the USA Confirmed by the Internet

Anyone who has been hiking USA does know how good the hiking can get with great scenery etc. Hiking USA is really a great goldmine of hiking opportunity when you really look.

However I wanted to find the best. You know really the best hikes in the USA. Indeed if you were wanting to travel and spend lots of money getting to potentially the best hiking locations in the world, in particularly hiking USA you would want to hike in the best places and make sure that these were the best places - correct?

However the challenge you find is that every relative site on the internet will tell you a different TOP 10, 20 or 100 hikes in the USA. This you can see the problem. Which are the real top locations or at least the top five hikes in the USA and how can you really work this out? Which website do you really believe? We need the answers to these questions to get the best hiking location when hiking USA.

I suppose these are all very debatable points. So I did some research across most of the websites out there with the most popular search engines including google, yahoo even YouTube etc. I looked at each hike USA related ramble and noted their rating. I then compared this over a number of web sites locations and these are the collative results that I discovered.

There were 5 top locations which were ranking roughly the same score above any other locations. So here they are top Hiking USA – and here goes…big drum roll please

1. The Glacier National Park.
2. The Zion National park
3. The Yosemite National park
4. The Appalachian Trail
5. The Grand Canyon

So these are the top 5 hiking USA places according to a consolidated list of hiking websites that I looked at.

Of course to get further details on each hike you can always search the heading on the internet. So now you can do what I am doing and that is planning the latest trip so that we can pick our best hiking USA locations to fit our holidays. I wanted to put this into an article format so that anyone who is planning to a hike USA will not get as confused as I did and choose the right location.

So this should be useful to someone who is planning a similar type of trip. Hope you have a great Hiking USA trip, a great hike by choosing a fantastic hiking USA location.

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