Tuesday, 7 September 2010

How to Prevent Wet Feet When Walking UK

I enjoy most of my hiking and rambling in the United Kingdom (UK). Places to walk such as the Lake District, Scotland and Snowdonia are my favourite places to go on a really challenging hike. These places are great. There is however a known problem when you go walking UK.

The problem is bad weather (i.e. rain). Walking UK is different to most places around the world as you never know what the weather is really going to do. The weather can change very quickly changing a great sunny day into suddenly low cloud and unstoppable rain. The weather produces boggy areas and these areas can give you wet feet.

There is absolutely nothing worse than wet feet. As well as not feeling comfortable wet feet can lead to cold feet and possible infections such as "trench foot" when walking UK.

So here are the actions you can take prior to and during walking UK. Of course you can use this anywhere there is wet and rain. However the UK is one of the best examples where there is repeated rain.

1. You need to ensure that you have good quality hiking boots that sit high on your ankle. You should not be walking with trainers. On my last hike I saw a young girl wearing trainers while I was hiking in the Lake District up Scafell Pike and she was in trouble coming down the mountain and was taking twice as long Your hiking boots should also have a sewn in tongue to keep the water out when walking UK and help prevent your feet getting wet.

2. Wear waterproof gaiters. These are great and keep out the wet from your boot and feet (especially walking UK). Waterproof gaiters have the added benefit of fitting from your hiking boot to just below your knee so the lower half of your leg will be protected from the damp and wet. I have used gaiters a number of times and found then to be very useful.

3. Always carry spare socks. Of course if your socks get wet whilst hiking you will want to change them. When you get to camp you can dry your wet socks in a jacket while you are setting up camp and cooking dinner. This will prevent wet feet the following day. Nice tip!

4. At hiking camp keep your hiking boots inside and stored away in a dry place. I have mad mistakes before by forgetting about them and leaving them outside in the rain. Your hiking boots can then also be dried out if needed. Put newspaper inside your hiking boots to draw out the wet and therefore keeping your feet dry for the morning and therefore prevent wet feet when walking UK.

So follow these steps and avoid wet feet when you are walking UK. Above all have a great walking UK.

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