Saturday, 4 September 2010

Which Route to Choose to Climb Mountain Snowdon

Mountain Snowdon is the highest mountain in Wales with a height of 1085m (3560ft) is. I live in the UK am a keen hiker and rambler I have climbed Mountain Snowdon a number of times. Each time has been great as Snowdon offers superb dramatic views.

Now there is a problem when you climb up Mountain Snowdon. The problem is that there are a number of routes up Mountain Snowdon and the question is always is which route is the best to take? The right answer for you depends on your personal circumstances and hiking experience. However to help you find the right route for you here are a few routes listed and the hiking suitability up Mountain Snowdon

Route 1. The 5 mile Llanberis path. The path follows a lot of the railway going up Mountain Snowdon. This route is the flattest but longest route with a slow but steady climb. So this maybe for the beginner hiker and could be the route for you. However being a beginner hiker, do not forget to learn what gear to take and wear etc especially navigational aids such as map and compass.

Route 2. The Crib Goch ridge route. This is the most challenging and to be honest dangerous route. Crib Goch is a peak next to Mountain Snowdon and has very sharp rocky sections across to the Snowdon peak with very steep drops either side. This route is for the thrill seeker and not for the faint hearted or beginner hiker. I have travelled this once and once only. Be careful on this one!

Route 3. The Miners Pyg track route. This route starts at Pen-Y-Pass. This route is quite flat until you get to some sharp and steeper sections later on. The route is really the best compromise between a challenging and starter route (between route 1 and route 3)

Route 4. The Mountain Snowdon Train ride. Yes - the option for the people who do not want to hike but still want to get some scenary in. There may be some hikers who don’t approve but I cant not see the problem by taking the train. For the mechanically minded the train however is quite an impressive piece of engineering.

In terms of safety there is a local mountain rescue team close by.
So Mountain Snowdon has a lot to offer with a lot of choice. Snowdonia is a very impressive area. By choosing the right routes will suite your needs (including the train option) it is possible to reach the summit and have a great time doing it but at your pace and with your preferred route.

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