Wednesday, 22 September 2010

What type of travel rucksack should you buy?

So you are out to buy a travel rucksack but there are some considerations when buying a travel rucksack. The question we need to answer is - what are you going to use it for? At this point it can get detailed and I wish to avoid this and keep it simple to buy the right travel rucksack so here are some tips in this article. So I hope it is useful

Your travel rucksack really needs to be fit for purpose. Is it going to be used for hiking and rambling or travelling? You need to know as you need to understand how waterproof and strong it needs to be especially if you are going hiking with your travel rucksack. Taking a travel rucksack on your holidays and just using it for travelling is not so much an issue. However a travel rucksack for hiking does need some attension.

Of course make sure that the travel rucksack is nice and comfortable. Nowadays most travel rucksacks are very comfortable compared to rucksacks years ago. A good travel rucksack now has a breathing system to allow some air to your back and help to stop you sweating. So in my case this is a great idea. In addition the straps are now adjustable to fit not only your shoulders but adjustable so you can wear the travel rucksack high or low on your back. This is useful.

Most travel rucksacks which are large now come with the all important belt. Your hips should take more of the weight instead of your shoulders as this is the strongest part of your body. So make sure that a belt is included. The picture illustrates a travel rucksack belt

You need the travel rucksack to be waterproof. A good feature is a rain cover complete with a zip away bag cover. So that when it does start to rain (which you need to be prepared for) then you unzip your rucksack rain cover and cover the rucksack for rain protection. Again a useful feature. However some hikers do say that a handy top pocket is wasted by the rain cover. I suppose it is a personal trade off – pocket or cover? What is your choice?

What I do is keep my contents of the travel rucksack dry by using a plastic bag in the travel rucksack. Therefore I use this for waterproofing and shy away from the waterproof cover. However some people like it so I have included it. It is whatever you feel comfortable with as both methods are good for keeping a travel rucksack dry.

Another really good feature is a unique movable bio system which means as you bend or twist, the pack remains upright. This means that the centre of gravity remains the same reducing the risk of falling or loosing your balance – nice feature.

I always say – have a large number of pockets in your Pockets make it easy to store and retrieve the smaller but things like map, compass, emergency whistle, pocket knife etc.

Have a really great hike or travel well and enjoy your travel rucksack as its all part of the fun.

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