Tuesday, 7 September 2010

6 Main Problems and Solutions to Deal With When Trekking India

If you were to visit any trekking India website and you are confronted with great views and even better hiking treks.

India is a country located in South Asia and is surrounded by the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal. India is 30% the size of the USA with a population of 1,173,108. However the famous trekking India locations are of course in the Himalayan mountains in the North. This is where you will find your locations for great trekking India hiking and rambling routes

However with all the wonderful things that come from trekking India there are also the challenges come with it – as always. The challenge of the Indian Mountains needs to be met with caution. It is very easy to take for granted the comforts that we enjoy in our own world and assume this is repeated in India – not true. There are problems that need to be resolved and when and before trekking India. So if you plan a trekking India trip, the following health problems need to be considered and planned for. Some are obvious and some not so obvious

1. You will be weak from your incoming flight. Your flight into India is likely to leave you tired and weak which has the potential to be a problem. So you will need to gain some strength. So climatise before you start trekking India and taking your challenge to the mountains.

2. There is the highest risk that the natural waters you encounter whilst being nice trekking India are not safe at all to drink. Again this is a problem and includes everywhere that water exists - the lakes, streams and rivers. However both snow and boiled water are safe. So during your trekking India be aware, and know what water is safe and take plenty of water with you. So a few solutions to get over this problem

3. Diarrhoea can be a real problem you can experience when you are trekking India. The best solution here is to drink large amounts of water and also bring from home some diarrhoea medication that can be prescribed by a doctor in your country.

4. The Khumbu Cough. This is caused by breathing excess quantities of dry cold air causing problems to your chest area. One thing that can help are throatlozenges that will help with this problem. So take plenty with you while trekking India.

5. Leeches reside in the Indian forests. They are known to get through socks and gaps in your hiking boots. So to remove those leaches use a butter knife to ease the leech off your skin. Ignore what you see on the films when trekking India which is burning leeches off your skin. The butter knife is the best.

6. Also consider altitude sickness. This I have written a specific article just on this alone which you can find here
So again I have tried to look at some health problems and provide solutions when trekking India. Once these solutions are in place - have a great hiking and trekking experience. Also please let me know how you got on.

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