Thursday, 9 September 2010

How to Resolve the Backpacking Tent Problem - The Lightweight and Ultralight Backpacking Tent

As lover of hiking and rambling we love to go backpacking, as it is great to do this over a number of days. This way you get the time to really get into the countryside and away from all the stresses and strains of life and also away from the crowds and the roads. So a 2 or 3 day backpack is great for the sole and also great to develop even deeper friendships with the people who are going with you.

If you are backpacking a number of days you will need a backpacking tent. The problem some people find is that by taking a tent the extra weight in your backpack increases too much. This can cause back problems if not slow you down on a hike. This is not a good way to treat your body or conduct a backpack or hike..

Are there solutions for this problem? Well, of course there is.

Firstly if you are carrying the tent carry for a max 4 of you. If there is a fifth hike you need another tent

Secondly and the main solution here is to buy a lighter tent. There are many light backpacking tents on the market. The 2 types which are the most popular these days is a Lightweight or Ultralight backpacking tent.

An Ultralight backpacking tent is the expoerienced backpackers favourite choice in general. The reason for this is they are lighter than Lightweight tents. The maximum weight is 2kg for an Ultralight tent. Here seems a war on as to who can get the lightest backpacking tent.

Lightweight tents are slightly more heavier but are still up to the job for backpacking and still a good choice. These tents generally will have more space which you may want to consider when buying backpacking tents.

The good news that you would want to here is that both style of tent uses the most up to date technology advanced techniques to make the tent both light and strong. The other advantage is that by obtaining a lighter tent of course this will enable you to travel at a faster speed. Therefore covering more ground. An obvious point but relative to the subject and definitely a positive point.

Of course it is your choice which of the backpacking tents to go for. Either style will be fine and great for backpacking. Your choice whether you go for slightly heavier lightweight tent but with more space OR the lighter Ultralight backpacking tent. It’s a personal choice

So please make sure you have a light but strong backpacking tent to save any aching pains. In addition have a great and memorable hike wherever this maybe and good luck..

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