Wednesday, 8 September 2010

How resolve a Kids hiking problem – mosquitoes

For those who love hiking - we of course want to pass this on to our kids and watch our kids hiking and get the buzz that we do. However before you do there are problems to resolve.

When you take kids hiking you sometimes need to tackle things in a different way to adults. One of these problems for kids hiking is mosquitoes.

During your hike you need to make sure your kids are fully protected by mosquito spray. I know I cannot trust my kids to put on the spray correctly themselves and fully so I always do this myself or I get an older child to do it for me.

So get them to stand still in their kids hiking gear, with their feet nicely apart and their arms stretched out to their sides. See the picture above to see the pose required.

Yes they would need to close their eyes. Now hold the spray about 12 inches from their body and spray all over - hands, arms and torso. Legs and feet are most important as this attracts the other bugs from the ground. Next you need to protect their necks and ears. So get your kids to put their hands out and spray into their cupped hands. You then need ask them to rub behind the ears and neck so that the solution in their hands are spread very well in these particular areas.

You have now given the best mosquito protection for kids hiking during the hiking day. Of course do not forget to spray yourselves as well – and other adults.

Once your hiking day is completed – you have come off the mountains and you are ready for camp you will need to ensure you are all protected during the night by a mosquito net. This is really important for all of your hiking team but especially for your kids hiking protection.

There are many types of net you can buy however I normally use a Dome or Self supporting net as I find these the best for camping for kids hiking.

One thing of consideration here is to consider the mesh size. This will depend on the where you are hiking in the whole and the size of mosquitoes in the area. So look this up to buy the correct net

So always protect you and your kids from mosquitoes by spraying correctly and using mosquito nets when taking your kids hiking

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