Monday, 6 September 2010

How To Discover and Plan Eastern Europe Walking

I love hiking and rambling and walking. Right now I am currently planning my next trip with a twist. There is so much in the natural world to view and so much great scenery to take in and really discover.

I have been hiking and researching the usual places like the Lake District in the UK, Grand Canyon and many walks in the USA (you may have seen my blog posts) and the many walks in Europe etc including the Alps in Austria etc.

I have been looking on various websites and hiking discussion forums on the internet and I have found that there is a lot more than the usual famous places. So I am looking now at Eastern Europe Walking. Is it not exciting to discover somewhere new.

I did not realise that the countries around this part of the world are so beautiful. Yes it is true that I have not yet actually been to these countries however they are now definitely on my life planner from now.

The countries for East Europe walking I have looked at are Bosnia (Sutieska), Montenegro (Durmitor), Romania and Bulgaria.

Let us take a look at Romania as a starting point. It appears that Sibiu, Sighisoara and possibly Timisoara are a great base for East Europe walking. Sibiu looks great as I am told it is a Saxon city with great beauty. As for hiking areas, the Fagaras, Retezat or Bucegi mountains look very impressive however the research will continue. As for accommodation it appears the best overnight stays are mountain huts. In Retezat the mountain huts are very basic but are very large and homely. The largest is a Pietrele hut and very impressive

Another country for East Europe walking is Bulgaria. I am told that the great walks are in Rila, Pirin or Rodopi mountain ranges.

East Europe walking costs change between countries. Croatia seems the most expensive. This is closely followed by Montenegro. Bulgaria is a bit cheaper and I am researching Romania and will update content on this later.

Again this is a short report to what I think is a great place for East Europe Walking. I am really on a discovery mission to learn a lot more and will be discussing this in various hiking forums.

However have a great hike. If it happens to be in East Europe I would be particularly interested to hear your story.

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