Tuesday, 7 September 2010

How to Pack Your Backpack Gear

Now you have all of your backback gear all ready to pack. All you want to do is to get out to the countryside and start hiking. The only thing left is to pack your backpack gear. What do you need to consider? How do you do this? What things do you need to look out for?

Initially this can look quite confusing. However when you pack your backpack gear it is relatively simple and please don’t be blinded with science by all the so called experts on some internet sites.

So just before you start packing, lay all of your gear on the floor or table so you know how much to pack – the same way you pack the trunk (boot) of your car. You can see the scope in front of you that you need to pack.

So you need to make sure that your backpack gear is kept dry. To do this I still put a large plastic bag (or rubbish bag) in my backpack and pack everything in this. I have done this for years and have found that this keeps everything in the plastic bag dry. This is simple and if you get your rubbish bags free then this is free as well.

Also you need to ensure there is as little air as possible in your backpack after it is packed. This is to ensure you get the most packed in the space you have available. I recommend using fold dry bags. These are great as they are small bags where you can pack individual items and then easily draw the air out. Of course you can get these bags from any camping store or even online, Your backpack gear then consists of pre-packed dry bags. This also helps to keep your gear dry. Also these fold dry bags enable you to keep things organised, dry and pack well as your backpack gear. Believe me these are very useful.

Another important point is how you distribute weight when packing backpack gear. I go against the grain a little and put the heavier items nearer your body (i.e. spine) and nearer the top of the backpack. I find this helps to keep the weight to your centre of gravity. Other so called experts say that you should have heavy items at the bottom. I would hate to do this to my back! I also make sure that I keep the backpack balanced so the backpack and backpack gear is not pulling you on one side.

The next important point is to ensure you have easy access to the items you need in a hurry. For example when it is raining you need to have easy access your rain gear so you can change into this gear quickly when it starts to rain. Your rain gear needs to be packed to the top or a side pocket again easy access.

So some important points to consider when packing backpack gear. So hopefully you can see that it is not a complete science

So when your backpack is fully packed and you are ready to go - have a great hike!

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