Thursday, 9 September 2010

How to Choose a Campsite to Pitch Your Tents For Camping

You are planning to go out in the countryside and take the people that you know for camping, you know you are in for a really fantastic time. So you have you own process and bring your camping gear including your tents for camping.
Normally you would be OK if you are going to an organised camp with everything put on – water on tap, a designated area to pitch your tents for camping and a shower block.

However you may be in the middle of no-where and you need to decide where you are going to pitch your tents for camping.

So where do you pitch?

Firstly pitch your tents for camping in an area that looks flat. Years ago our Scout leader that had a strange sense of humour. He decided to pitch all tents on a 45 degree hill and nearly all the boys ended up rolling out the tents at night. This is one thing for boy scouts but not good for most people. So look for a flat area when deciding where to pitch your tents for camping.

You need to also make sure that the flat area you have chosen to pitch is not at the bottom of a hill. Why? This is where all the rain water collects. Of course all the obvious signs are any boggy parts around the area should be avoided.

You need to be as near as possible to a water supply when are pitching your tents for camping. On a campsite this could be a simple tap – may even be a tap per pitch. However in a remote area this could be close to a nearby stream. Also make sure the stream is fast running giving you the best chance that the water is as pure as possible. When you collect the water it must not be in a stagnant part but a fast flowing small waterfall will be great! I drink mountain water all the time however check with the local authorities that there are no local issues using mountain water when pitching tents for camping.

Also try and make sure that you are protected by the wind as much as you can. I know wind can change – it’s a case of doing what you can at the time
So hopefully you have a better idea and set some useful points when starting a camp and pitching your tents for camping (especially in a remote area).

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